Pop/Click noise happens on a Mac.

Please check the following items:

  • Open “Preferences” in the Options menu, click “Hardware” tab. Please increase the buffer size here. This will increase the latency but not by much.

  • If other applications or programs are running, quit them all.
  • Choose “Better Performance” at “Energy Saver” if you are using a laptop.
    1. Open “System Preferences”.
    2. Open “Energy Saver”.
    3. Click “Better Performance” at “Optimization”.
  • Use the AC adapter if you are using a laptop.
  • Disconnect wireless network e.g. wireless LAN and Bluetooth.
  • Connect the JamVOX Monitor directly to a USB port on your Mac without using USB hubs.
  • Disconnect other peripheral devices (e.g.printers) if possible.

In addition, see How can I get the best audio performance?.


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