• Before you contact us, please refer to the Owner’s Manual and FAQ to see whether they contain an answer to your question.
  • We cannot answer questions regarding basic operation of your computer, basic setup for using your computer for music production, how to create songs or sounds, or questions related to products made by other companies.

If you have questions regarding this product, please contact the VOX distributor for the country in which you purchase it. You can find local distributor at

In order to receive product support, you must have registered this product. We cannot provide service if we are unable to verify that you have registered.

Information you must provide when contacting us

When you contact us, please provide the following information. We cannot provide service if you do not give us this information.

  • Your name and E-mail address (as registered on JamVOX-Online)
  • The serial number of this product
  • The name and version of this product (shown in the About screen of the software)
  • Details of your system
    • Manufacturer and model of your computer:
    • Type of CPU and its clock speed:
    • Amount of memory installed:
    • Total capacity and free area of the installed hard disk:
    • Operating system and version:
    • Driver version:
    • Other computer peripherals:
  • Your question (in as much detail as possible)