How can I get the best audio performance?

There are several issues which may affect the audio performance of JamVOX.
The performance may be improved by one or more of the following. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for problems caused when trying these suggestions.
Please note that you perform these actions at your own risk.

  • Disable or exit virus protection programs.

  • Disable visual effects using a lot of animations.
  • Disable the automatic update functions.
  • Disable screen savers.
  • Disable file sharing, remote access and other networking functions.
  • Quit applications which stay in the task tray. (Windows only)
  • Defragment hard disks. (Windows only)
  • Disable automatic time synchronization with the Internet time server. (Windows only)
  • Removing and optimizing Windows Registry might improve the performance. However, tweaking Windows Registry might damage the operating system or other application settings, in the worst case, the operating system cannot boot by changing settings. Do not attempt this unless you are a power Windows user.


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