A guitar part I want to cancel still remains after I turned GXT on.

GXT works by determining the sound’s “stereo position” (panning) and “frequency band.” This means that it won’t be effective on mono songs. And, the effect may be difficult to notice on some songs depending on how the guitar part has been mixed.
Please try the following process.

  1. Play back the song, and listen to determine where in the song (left side, center, right side, both sides) the guitar part you want to cancel is panned.
    This will be easier to determine if you use headphones.
  2. From the template list in the Lower of the GXT Screen, click a template that matches the guitar part you want to cancel.
  3. If you want to obtain the best possible cancellation effect, adjust the TARGET GUITAR FREQ. BANDS, DIRECTION, WIDTH, and GAIN as appropriate for the song.

Please refer to the chapter of “GXT (Guitar XTracktion) function” in the Owner’s manual for details.


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