Important notice regarding the compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6.5

Recently Apple released a version of the Mac OS X (10.6.5) which inadvertently wiped out functionality on quite a few audio products from a number of companies. Unfortunately, JamVOX was one of the products affected by the new OS.

Unfortunately, the change wiped out a central part of the JamVOX software and far from being a simple tweak, it means rewriting an entire section of code which will not be done quickly. Some companies were lucky - their code was written so the recent changes made by Apple made no difference. Some companies (including us) were not - our code was written so it was more or less exactly "terminated" by changes Apple made. We have asked for them to change back, and because of the number of complaining companies, we believe Apple may consider this.

But to answer 3 specific charges:

  1. If it were easy, of course we would do it now!
  2. No we had no notice. One day our systems worked, the next day they were dead.
  3. Of course we listen to our customers - and be sure many customers have applied pressure on personal friends and others inside the company assuming we were holding out on an answer! Also, for the Mac guys amongst us, we have daily reminders of this issue.

But code, especially centrally important code, is not written overnight and we are currently working frantically on this because we know we cannot rely on Apple to adjust to what is needed and so the code change must come from us anyway. Our current estimation is that it will probably take many weeks to fix, possibly two to three months.

We apologise. We can claim we had no warning, we are not the only ones affected etc, but we are truly sorry because our company takes customer service much more seriously than we are given credit for. More important, we are a quality culture. We expect things to work not because it means keeping people happy but because - hey, things SHOULD work. Meanwhile company staff who record with JamVOX on a daily basis are reminding us daily to fix this. We get it, okay?

We will advise you of any updates as they come to hand. Until then, we can only suggest not to install Mac OS X 10.6.5 update.

The VOX Team

How to revert to Mac OS X 10.6.4

If you have already updated to 10.6.5, you will need to revert to 10.6.4. Please visit the following FAQ.
Note : This FAQ is not effective for recent new Mac products in which 10.6.5 is pre-installed.