“Product Code Is Not Available” message when attempting to register JamVOX at www.jamvox-online.com.

This message indicates that the product code featured on the back of the JamVOX monitor was already registered to another JamVOX-Online account. We do request that the deregistration of a JamVOX-Online account featuring the respective product code be done directly by the previous owner/seller, preferably before the change in ownership (as also indicated in FAQs 37 & 38). A user may deregister his or her JamVOX-Online account in the [settings] pages after logging into their JamVOX-Online account.

If your JamVOX was indeed purchased from a Vox-authorized dealer, please contact the dealer directly for further assistance regarding this matter. If you have purchased your JamVOX directly from the original user, please enquire with that prior user directly to request that they deactivate their JamVOX-Online account relating to that product code. If it is not possible for you to contact the either reseller or original owner, please talk to your country’s local distributor that may provide a charged service for deregistering.


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